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Anxiety is meant to keep you alive, not run your life.


Individual Therapy
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Anxiety feels like it is controlling your life. You are constantly on alert because something big is coming your way. Whatever it is, it feels scary and unmanageable. It’s hard to focus because you are replaying the past. Or maybe you are worried about the future. All you know is that you’re suffering from work-related stress and you want relief. Or perhaps you are still trying to wrap your head around something really disturbing that has happened to you. Whatever the issue is, therapy may help you transition from edgy to relaxed.

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You are an ambitious and dedicated high-achiever who is working their tail off in a high-stress job. You have put in years of training and education to prepare yourself for this career. I’m also willing to bet your are great at your job! But what you were not prepared for was how to manage the tremendous amount of work-related stress, anxiety, and burnout fatigue. You are a helper, but who is helping you? Therapy can help you create a healthy work-life balance as well identify your authentic self because your career does not define you.

Trauma Recovery
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People experience trauma of different degrees. Trauma can be anything from surviving a natural disaster, having been in an abusive relationship, being told you weren’t good enough throughout your life, etc. Trauma affects both the body and mind. It can live in your mind through memories or held in the body and can be experienced as pain and discomfort. When trauma has happened in the past, it is often still experienced in the present. Healing is possible. EMDR therapy was designed to treat survivors of trauma and may be able to help you life with more comfort and ease.

Insurances Accepted:

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Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma

I specialize in anxiety and trauma in people often mislabeled as “too sensitive” who are struggling with understanding and managing their emotions and are looking to cope with stressors with greater confidence and ease.

Anxiety can be:

  • Feeling nervous or on edge
  • Feeling like you are losing control
  • Loss of sleep or too much sleep
  • Irritability
  • Muscle tension, etc.

How Do I Know if it’s Trauma?

There are several touchstones to trauma. Jumping at slight noises, feeling on edge and prepared for the next big thing, and replaying disturbing memories over in your head are some of them. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to have seen war to feel traumatized. It also doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re human. The changes to your mind and body after a disturbing event are natural.

You wouldn’t shame your arm for breaking after a car accident. Besides, you know it will heal with the appropriate medical care. Why shame your brain for needing the same care after a disturbing event?

I work with high-achieving professionals often in the helping field who are struggling with burnout fatigue and stress and want to feel a sense of relief while living more in the present moment. From one helping professional to another, I get it. Work can get tough sometimes and it can negatively affect your personal life. Been there.

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While you take great pride in your work, it’s dominating your life. Personal relationships, hobbies, and overall wellness have suffered because your job has taken priority. Creating a work-life balance is important for your mental health. You are so much more that what you produce at work. Your wage does not define your worth. However, it can feel like your value is in your job and how others view you.

Your career is important to you. But what you want are healthy boundaries around your work and personal life, a sense of purpose outside of work, and improved social and family relationships.

Individual therapy can reduce work-related stress by offering a safe and confidential space to talk about any challenges you may be going through. Stressors due to work can pull you away from your family, take away time from friends, reduce your interest in hobbies, affect sleep, and much more.

You work hard and you deserve relief from stress and anxiety. Your family wants to see you happy and engaged with them. Your friends want to go out with you. I’m willing to bet you miss your hobbies and a good night’s sleep.

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Ready to Begin?

Are you ready to conquer the burnout fatigue, stress, and anxiety of the 9-5? Will you prioritize yourself and your emotions instead of hiding them to protect the feelings of those around you? If you’re still not quite sure, give me a call. I offer a free 20 minute consultation and I can answer questions you may have about therapy. It’s okay not to be ready. That’s why I offer a free consultation to put your mind at ease before making this decision.

Take a look at the Services page for more details on the therapies I offer.

Something to consider in the meantime is reading The Anxiety Blog. I’ve written free content that may have the answer you’re looking for including what anxiety is, how to manage stress, and simply being able to relate.

For a free 20-minute consultation, please call 760-281-3364. I look forward to your call!


All services currently offered are only through telehealth. Video-based therapy offers freedom and convenience as Nova Individual and Family Therapy, Inc. offers services to anyone based in California. Secure internet access and a confidential space is all you need to get started on your mental health healing. Mental health issues like anxiety, depression, stress, overthinking, family conflict, and life changes go wherever you are.

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