Mind, Body, and Trauma

Trauma is one of the most difficult things to understand, and can be even harder to explain to others. People who have suffered trauma don’t always recognize when they are having a trauma reaction. But they know when they are uncomfortable. It’s hard dealing with a traumatic past. It’s also challenging to explain it toContinue reading “Mind, Body, and Trauma”

Does My Job Make Me ‘Good Enough’?

What made you go into the field you’re working in? Was it a burning passion to help people or did you know someone who helped you get into your line of work? People have many reasons as to why they are working their current job. What I’m curious to know is how does your jobContinue reading “Does My Job Make Me ‘Good Enough’?”

What the Heck is Anxiety?

Your first answer to the question “what the heck is anxiety?” might be “a pain in the neck!” Anxiety is uncomfortable, scary, overpowering, and downright difficult to manage. Although we can all agree that it sucks to feel anxious, would you believe me if I said that anxiety was a critical and useful tool inContinue reading “What the Heck is Anxiety?”

Therapy for Anxiety and Overthinking