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Hey! My name is Kirsten Cheong and I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and I provide therapy for the working professional and people struggling with anxiety.

Becoming a therapist was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made. I knew I wanted to help people struggling with anxiety who tend to be incredibly hard workers. Being high-achieving and dedicated to personal goals are great things. But they can also be downfalls if you don’t manage your time and emotions in a healthy way.

Anxiety and Trauma

I specialize with people who struggle with anxiety and overthinking who are looking to find control with their emotions and live with greater ease. People with anxiety are often characterized as “sensitive”. While people often take that as stain to their character, I find it to be people’s greatest strength. Sensitivity can mean many things. It may be a response to trauma or it can simply be a character trait bestowed upon you at birth. Despite where it came from, being sensitive is not a bad thing. Many therapists, myself included, learned how to make sensitivity into a superpower and so can you.

The Working Professional & Anxiety

I also work with high-achievers experiencing professional burnout. Working a high-stress job can lead to anxiety, fatigue, deteriorating passion for your work, relationship strain, and overall increase in stress. But people often look to you for guidance and answers so it can be hard being the person asking for help. The great thing about you is that you always deliver! Being good at your job is one of your biggest strengths. And it can be your biggest downfall. Having good boundaries between your personal life and work life is critical. Knowing who you are off the clock is essential to happiness.

Ready to Begin?

Schedule a FREE consultation at 760-281-3364 or e-mail me at novaindfamtherapy@protonmail.com

While you’re waiting for my response, check out my blog, where I have useful tips about managing anxiety and stress.

Therapy for Anxiety and Overthinking
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